Give a Piece of the Ringed Planet

THE PERFECT GIFT for space lovers

Treat someone you love and help them get on the property ladder… in space!

From a rock of the rings to an entire Moon, we’re sure you’ll find them the perfect plot.

They’ll receive a personalised Deed of Ownership with details about their new land!

Available plots

Secure your position in space!

1 Rock Of Saturn

You will receive a deed of ownership for one of the thousands of rocks that make up one of seven of Saturn’s rings.

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100 Acre of saturn

Secure your land on this vast world. You will receive a deed of ownership for a 100 acre plot. Join the few that can say “I own land on Saturn!”

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A Moon of saturn

With only 82 moons, these properties are a hot commodity! You will receive a deed of ownership for the entirety of a moon of Saturn.

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1 ring of saturn

Stake your claim on one of Saturn’s rings! If you’re going to own a bit of Saturn, why not own the most iconic part? Perfect gift for your partner.

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Saturn FActs

How well do you know Saturn?

The furthest we can see

Saturn is the furthest planet we can see with the naked eye. It is approximately 1.6377 billion km from the planet Earth!

Named by the romans

Saturn was named after the Roman god Saturnus, the god of agriculture and harvest and father to the god Jupiter.

a long orbit...

Saturn takes a whopping 29.4 Earth Years to orbit the sun. That’s about 10,756 Days on our planet.

how many moons?!

Since 1 isn’t enough, Saturn has 53 moons that have been named. There are also 29 moons currently awaiting confirmation.

Flatter than the netherlands

Saturn is the flattest planet in the solar system. It’s rapid rotation on its axis causes it to flatten out the top & bottom, and bulge at the equator.

a huge world

With a radius of 36,183.7 miles (58,232 kilometers), Saturn is 9.5 times wider than Earth. You could fit 764 Earths inside of Saturn.

The famous rings

Saturn’s ring is divided up into 7 large rings,  named ‘A – G’ in order of discovery! The seven rings are made up of thousands of smaller rings.

Plenty for all

No need to quarrel over land, Saturn has an astonishing 42.7 billion km2 surface area. This is roughly 83.7 times the surface of Earth.

there and back again

A total of 4 spacecraft have visited Saturn, the Pioneer 11, the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 as well as the Cassini–Huygens.

PErsonalised deed of ownership

Impress your friends with an official deed from the Saturn Owners Club!

Each Certificate will feature your chosen name, the date of purchase, and the land purchased. As well as this, it will feature our seal of approval for the change of ownership.


Treat someone and make them an official land owner in Saturn!